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Massimo Falsaci was born in Cannobio (VB), Italy, in 1974.
In his school years he followed liberal arts studies. His artistic experience started at the end of the '90. The earlier production mainly consisted of comic-strips, whose techniques and topics were refined in teamwork with the illustrator Karel Thole.
The turning point in his style was in the year 2000, when he attended the Art School of Gianna Berettini in Milan, Italy. There, his inner needs for experimenting took hold, because he began putting to the test all the different painting techniques: oil-painting, acrylic, watercolour, chalk, sanguine and charcoal, eventually singling out the combination 'digital image - acrylic'.
At first he was teamed up with the Nuova Figurazione school, and his works evolved into a sharp and dry reconsideration of the perception of present day's world, therein availing himself of the models found in urban life and in the media and entertainment customary issues.
With his works, Falsaci sets himself forth either as a performer and as a reporter of our social evolution. On the one hand, the young artist is actually plunged in modern times, and he experiences first hand the changes in information technology which we are going through. On the other hand, just like a venerable medieval bard, he succeeds in conveying to his contemporaries the innermost nuances of this hectic world of ours, which very often are unheard of to most people.

Referring to the relevance of the connection between daily life and the study of the behaviour of the masses, Marcello Cazzaniga, an internationally renowned art dealer, on the occasion of the 2010 art exhibition at Rizzoli Bookstore - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, wrote: "Massimo Falsaci is a present-day artist, a young man who lives in today's society and, through his artistry can depict its transformation".
In the year 2010, the artist-reporter Falsaci, in his distinctive artistic expression, has put forward an intellectual approach to the world of the Internet, still retaining his style rich in accurate and biting criticism against the present-day society. His latest works remind either of advertising pictures and of banners on the Internet, where each visible subject/object shows off nothing but the "perfect" idea of the product on display, be it a bridge, or a building, or a human body. On a daily basis, the consumer in our present-day society craves solely to enjoy the display of what is beautiful, perfect, detached and impersonal. Falsaci replies to such a demand by offering some mockingly prefab patterns of "perfection and quality to the bitter end". This peculiar, synchronic understanding of art and society, allows the large share of the public that wish to have no insight on their own feelings, to become, ironically, the spectators in the show of their own life.
Gaber award 2004.
Diesel Wall award 2007.
He reached the final stage in the Arte Mondadori 2009-2010 contest, and has exhibited in several group and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Sex: M

Birthday: 05.09.1974

Employer: Libero Professionista

Years of Experience: >10

Qualification: Laurea

Employment Search: Si

Internships Available: No

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